Saturday, 14 April 2012

[How to] guide someone to islam (dawah)

I am going to tell you how to guide people to Islam on Facebook twitter etc.

Here are Some tips.
1.Start with a polite statement. Show that Islam respects all religions and everybody is welcome to know about Islam. See first image.
2.Place statement on Blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. on pages of  Other religions.
3. you can also send this statement to  your non-Muslim friends.
4. you should begin discussion with similarities between Islam and the religion of person.
5.Give respect to others opinion. So he will give respect to your opinions.
6. Cite some references about tau-heed (oneness of god) from other religions preferable from the religion of that person.
7. Always search the references on web to cote. But make sure it is reliable and from an islamic source.some good sites will always be there e.g
8. Give appropriate time to other person to think.
9. Don't try to Impose your views on someone else. Always talk with a solid reason.
10. The most important you should try to keep adequate knowledge about every religion can be got from Google.
May Allah Help Us.

My discussion with a Christian it has some alarming question??
Try to spread the message of Islam like this on facebook.
plz try to follow Holy Quran.
think about it.
click on it to see full size.

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